Mount Stewart Infant and Junior schools are working together in a Hard Federation known as The Mount Stewart Schools.

Home Learning

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Home Learning – At Mount Stewart Junior School we are encouraging children to take the steps necessary to become an independent learner.

Why do home learning?

  • Home learning helps you to learn to improve or recap on what you have learned during school time.
  • It helps you to develop your research skills and encourages you to become an INDEPENDENT LEARNER.

How shall I do my home learning?

  • Sit in a warm, quiet place with no distractions. Turn the television off so that you can concentrate properly.
  • Sit at a table or use a flat surface. Make sure the room is well lit.
  • Sit in a place where an adult can help you with your home learning.
  • Remember to get your home learning checked by an adult.
  • Make sure you have everything you need like pens, pencils, a dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Continue reading and learning during the holidays.
  • Make time to do other activities like playing with friends or exercising.

Home Learning Policy

Every pupil should read for 20minutes every night. A child should read to a parent or adult at least three times a week. Multiplication tables and spellings should also be practised. Literacy and maths home learning will be set each week.

Year 3 & 4 – Each pupil should undertake a total of 40 minutes home learning every night.

Year 5 & 6 – Each pupil should undertake a total of 50 minutes home learning every night.

Who can help me?

Teachers, parents, older brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends, and librarians can all help, but make sure your work is still your own.

Where else can I get information?

Books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, CD ROMs, the internet and library at school or in your local area.