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Year 3


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Autumn 2017


This term we will be using a variety of resources and cross curricular links to cover a range of literacy objectives. Work will include reading comprehension, speaking and listening, writing, spelling and grammar. We will work with a range of genres and writing styles, including stories about myths and legends, information texts and play scripts.
Two library books will be available each fortnight and books will also be read and discussed in regular guided reading sessions. We will continue to set weekly literacy homework which focuses on spelling and grammar to support your child's writing; we ask you to support your child when doing their homework and discuss it with them.

Recommended Reading List – Years 3, 4 and 5



During this term we will cover:

Addition and Subtraction ( written methods)
Multiplication and division
Measures ( Capacity , Time, Weight, Distance)
Mental Calculation strategies
Worded problems

The Children are encouraged to use and apply their mathematical knowledge to real life situations. To aid this, a range of activities covering problem solving and mental work will be undertaken.
It is imperative that children learn their time tables as this will support them across all aspects of maths.


The topics covered this term will be:  Plants and Light.

Plants: Children will learn about what plants need to grow well and why it is important that they do. Also, they will participate in investigations and experiments linked to plant growth.
Light: This unit introduces the relationship between light, an object and the formation of shadows. Children observe the apparent movement of the Sun and the associated changes in shadows.


 This term all of Year 3 will be studying a geography based topic – ‘Passport to the world’. The students will be extending their knowledge and understanding beyond the local area to include the United Kingdom and Europe, North and South America. This will include learning about the location and characteristics of a range of the world’s most significant human and physical features.  The children will be learning to identify and locate the seven continents and some of the countries within each one. They will also explore areas of human and physical geography around the world, from population and culture to mountains and rivers.

Foundation Subjects

During RE this term the children will be learning about the religion of Judaism. They will visit a local synagogue to support their learning.  The Art children will be learning about and using the techniques of famous artists. In DT children will be creating their own hand sewn pouches.   In music we will continue to learn the recorder and take part in singing sessions.

Enrichment Opportunties

A cultural celebration Day will be held to say goodbye to our visiting Spanish teachers.
Classroom museum afternoon.
All students will participate in Sports Day.
We will be visiting the Synagogue as part of RE learning.