Mount Stewart Infant and Junior schools are working together in a Hard Federation known as The Mount Stewart Schools.

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This term we will be using our topic of the Stone Age as a basis for our literacy work. Much of our work will be based on the texts – ‘Stone Age Boy and Ug- Boy genius of the Stone Age’. Work will include reading comprehension, speaking and listening, writing, spelling and grammar. We will work with a range of genres and writing styles, including information texts, poetry, diary writing, setting descriptions and story writing. Children will also be talking part in lots of activities to celebrate World Book Day 2017.

Two library books will be available each fortnight and books will also be read and discussed in regular guided reading sessions. We will continue to set weekly literacy homework which focuses on spelling and grammar to support your child's writing; we ask you to support your child when doing their homework and discuss it with them.

Recommended Reading List – Years 3, 4 and 5


During this term we will cover:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division moving into money and the decimal notation
  • Measurement - Measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm)
  • Geometry- Properties of shapes (2D &3D), lines, angles Symmetry
  • Metal calculations and Timetables.

The Children are encouraged to use and apply their mathematical knowledge to real life situations. To aid this, a range of activities covering problem solving and mental work will be undertaken.

It is imperative that children learn their time tables as this will support them across all aspects of maths.


The topics covered this term will be: Rocks and Soils and Forces and Magnets.                                       

Rocks and Soils: This topic covers rocks and their uses and the children will learn to identify and group rocks according to their characteristics.

Forces and Magnets: This topic covers forces, including attraction and repulsion between magnets, and compression and stretching of springs.


This term all of Year 3 will be studying Britain from the Beginning. This topic encompasses life in Britain from the Stone Age, all the way through to the Iron Age. The children will explore this topic across the curriculum, using a themed book in literacy and special Stone Age maths challenges. There will also be a special visit to the Celtic harmony centre. The trip will be a themed Stone Age Day, bringing this topic to life for the children, with many practical activities.

Foundation Subjects

Through our RE and PHSE lessons, the children will continue to develop their understanding and tolerance of other’s beliefs and needs; learning to resolve differences to gain peaceful outcomes. This term the focus in Art will be linked to the Stone Age topic where children will be virtually exploring the Lascaux caves in France and using modelling/sculpture to create Stone Age homes. The children will also study the French artist Seurat to gain an understanding of pointillism. In DT the children will be learning the skills of sewing and will create their own toy pouches. In music, we continue with learning the recorder and singing.

Enrichment Opportunties

  • Stone Age Day – visit to Hertfordshire for a themed day of learning
  • National Book Week celebration- with an exciting author visit and special book related activities.
  • The Big Bird watch – we will be helping the RSPB keep track of the nation’s wild bird populations.
  • Science outdoor learning day.