Mount Stewart Infant and Junior schools are working together in a Hard Federation known as The Mount Stewart Schools.

Year 6

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Autumn 1

Autumn 2017 Termly Review

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This term we will be focussing on GPAS and reading skills. Identifying features of different text types, extracting meanings from texts and empathising with characters. Each week the children are given ten spellings to learn. It is important that the children check the meanings of these words and find a further ten with the same spelling pattern. They will then be tested on the given spellings plus a blind five every Monday morning.

In writing we will look at the features of different types of writing.  These will include newspaper reports, fictional narratives, descriptive writing, poetry and persuasive writing. We will be encouraging children to magpie ideas from the class texts to create their own descriptive pieces.

Year 6 Recommended Reading List


The same areas of maths are covered by each set in varying depths. The following objectives will be covered

  • Place value and properties of number
  • Generating and describing linear number sequences
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions
  • Multiplication and division of fractions
  • Calculations using all four operations
  • Mental and written calculations
  • Solve multi-step problems and problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages. To choose and use appropriate calculation strategies at each stage, including calculator use.
  • Arithmetic skills

The children will be given past SAT papers to sit to help them prepare for the end of key stage 2 tests.


This term we will be covering: 'Animals including Humans' and 'Light'


This term we will be covering: Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans.

Enrichment Activities

Brent Junior Citizens                

-Shakespeare Workshop                                          

-Year 6 Charity Sale

-Macmillan charity day

-Organisation and delivery of ‘Senior Citizen Parcels’


Secondary Transfer deadline October 31st 2017

Workshop and Junior Citizen trip payments

SATs week 14th– 17th May 2018 – Please ensure holidays and hospital appointments are booked outside school hours.